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Here is a link to the random-order display of Fred Rowley's Visuals

About the Cooking of
My Photo Hors d'oeuvres

Filling a website with pictures can be compared to throwing a cocktail party: Variety, Surprise and Predictable Comfort required. Lots of my pictures and designs are posted here. Almost all of them are derived from photographs or parts thereof. In a few cases I have drawn the entire image from scratch. Some of my finished works resemble photographs, many others do not. My pictures are seldom truly "authentic", even when they may appear to be realistic and credible. That is because I have manipulated all my works subjectively, in the same way the chef has deliciously manipulated all the canape's for our party.

When I compose my pictures-- and this happens always after the photographs are taken -- I play their ingredients against my eye, my sense of poetry and I look for a design which may evolve. In practice, many of the photo ingredients are substantially modified -- combined with others, recombined, then perhaps blown-up, reduced, drawn-on, repeated, inverted, reversed, or re-colored. A great many images go on to be re-done again, distorted again, improved, re-thought, embellished, reassembled, redirected, cooked, stewed, seasoned, re-written or re-purposed. All this finicky fuss is done in response to the Commanding Photographer's Fancy.

My results are not deceptions nor fakes. They are somewhat like those exotic but temptingly delicious little appetizers presented upon a silver plate. When finished, my pictures fit a time-honored tradition of serious Art and sometimes Comedy too. Think of them as experimentals, some peppered with subtle editorialism, some spiced with elaboration, some juiced and others heavily frosted. Perhaps someday, skeptical eyes will open wide and join the appreciation of the extraordinary number of other visual and contextual possibilities we can find and manipulate in what we normally see as normality.

This new Photo-Digital-Art Paradigm is all about a revealing photography which like painting, involves not only the subject, but photographer too, and on a higher plane than ever before. It is a part of Photography which has evolved into an Author-Centric Medium, a true Image-Art on its own, and now passing beyond its 25th birthday. Its practioners are steadily finding the power to create and speak with, and without words, joining with composers, chefs, poets and painters and others who work in domains of the real, unreal; the rational and otherwise. Photography also has moved away from complete dependence on the camera. No longer is the camera necessarily the picture's first expert.
Fred Rowley