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Welcome to Fred Rowley's Art Party
Welcome to Fred Rowley's Photo-Art Website:   Here you will find my visual "appetizers". I sincerely hope you will enjoy them.  There are more than 150 tidbits included, all for viewing, but unfortunately none are edible. They form a quick compilation of my work-- almost 18 years spent creating digital-art, principally as a hobby, but also with some connections to my work in electronic publishing and website development.

You might guess I love this medium. Digital visualization is exhilarating, challenging and liberating. There is immense freedom in an artistic and a subjective sense. I began my career working in photography in a black and white darkroom as a printer. As a result, I have always printed out my own work. A print is the acid test of a picture's quality and violability.

When I started out, photography was considered a trade at best, but it was also viewed as second-rate Art. The surprising thing to me is that digital image manipulation is clearly moving Photography into the art-space of the painter, sculptor, and poet. (And, if you decide to add music to your images, the art of the composer too). It certainly is becoming a promising world for the expressive multi-tech minded photographer and for all multimedia artists too. Acceptance will come and us Digitizers will all soon be standing in the sun.